Parents  can  take  comfort in our committment to early childhood education.  Our business is built on the devotion to children and families,  and we strive to make our Learning  Academy a great place  where young children can come to grow,  learn,  and  develop.  Our Directors and  teachers  will  work  together  with  you  and  your child in an open, and nurturing environment where we respect the dignity of every child and parent.



Our Vision is to make a difference in the lives of children. At ABC Happy Kids, our philosophy is based on the premise that all children share certain developmental needs that include:


     Emotional Development - Our goal is to provide a warm and caring environment for children.

     We want your child to feel safe and secure so they can express themselves freely.


     Social Development - We want our children to develop a sense of trust and have a healthy

     self-esteem. Your child will develop as individuals and understand the concepts of being

     courteous and respectful during our daily activities.


     Cognitive Development - Young children learn through observation, listening, and sensory

     experiences. Learning skills are integrated throughout the day with our early education curriculum.


     Physical Development - Children will have opportunities to develop and use their motor skills.

     Indoor and outdoor activities are planned in order to develop their muscles, such as running,

     jumping, and playing.



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