Introducing HappyFeet at ABC Happy Kids!

HappyFeet is a new and exciting mobile soccer clinic for children ages 2 to 6. Using our proven fun, "story time with a soccer ball" approach, HappyFeet will surely be your child's favorite weekly activity. We're committed to helping children form healthy exercise habits using the world's most popular game, soccer!


HappyFeet's 30-minute classes are held weekly at ABC Happy Kids. The HappyFeet curriculum uses stories, songs, nursery rhymes, and fun childhood games all adapted to incorporate a soccer ball.


HappyFeet classes are designed to build off of the rapidly developing imagination of preschoolers, which guanretees that your child will have a BLAST - and the benefits are amazing! As children acquire physical skills, they build confidence and self-concept that apply to other sports and to life in general. HappyFeet has quickly become a huge success for kids, parents, and schools!


HappyFeet League

If you're looking for the perfect introduction to team sports, we also offer HappyFeet League on the weekends. Kids develop coordination, balance, and have a ton of fun all the while improving listening skills, boosting self-confidence, and learning the basics of the game in a fun, non-competitive setting. For more information, please contact us!



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Phone - 479-553-8810


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